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  休止千鹤  |    09/10/2020

Why I did this…

Yes, I love Information security. But why did I spend a lot of time , just used PHP to develop a new Blog system? I know, there’re huge amount of excellent blog systems, like Wordpress, Hexo, Ghost…But learning something new is necessary. (well i admit that i’m just bored.

I tried using others MVC frameworks, but never understand how they work. This time I’m going deep into PHP MVC, OOP and Namespace. (btw i picked up Vue.js XD

Then I made a new MVC framework. Its code seems … not so beautiful. So , i just named it as UGPF: UGly PHP Framework. And this blog system called: ugly-blog.

Anyway, no matter which blog system am I using , Content is the most important thing. This site was running since 2016, hope it can live longer.


  1. Markdown Editor (Editor.md)
  2. Code Highlight(Prism.js)
  3. Sqlite database, because I’m too poor to afford a good VPS and this VPS has only 512M memory. Make sure this blog is light enough (maybe can running with a potato-server.
  4. Views Counter, using image beacon and Session.
  5. Comment function (I just don’t understand why this little site received spams every day?)
  6. others, like Draft auto-saving, database backup…

Okay That’s it…have a nice day :)



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